So your child has at last got one or more of the Zhu Zhu Pets hamster toys that are causing the latest toy craze in the world, but now she wants one of the many accessories that are available to add even more fun to her hamster entertainment.

Choosing the right accessory will either end up being money well spent and adds real fun and enjoyment for your child, or may end up being a wasted purchase. Each different hamster with their unique personality has a preference for different hamster add-ons and each child has a distinct preference for what gives them maximum fun and hours of extended play. So which accessory do you then buy for your child and their hamster?

Ever since these Zhu Zhu Pets toys (often misspelled Zoo Zoo Pets toys and even Zu Zhu Pets toys), the popularity and positive review comments from parents and kids alike with certain hamster accessories, has remained at a high level. We take a look at the top three selling add-ons that are currently available and in what instances they may be the best choice for your kids and their hamsters.

The Zhu Zhu pet hamster Funhouse has retained the number one position consistently from the start and for obvious reasons. The Funhouse is really the core central hub for any gigantic hamster habitat plans that your child may eventually have. All other accessories can be integrated onto the Funhouse for continuous modular extension if that is what they wish to do. The Funhouse itself contains the two main hubs comprising kitchen and bathroom and the bedroom, so the variety of rooms, together with the connecting tunnel really does allow your kids to test the interactive nature of their hamsters out to a greater extent and it gives them a varied and large enough area to show off their scurrying skills.

In second position is the Zhu Zhu hamster Adventure Ball. This is a favorite among both parents and kids alike. Kids love the Adventure ball for the fun factor in seeing their hamster scurrying around inside whilst making their favorite hamster sounds and moves. Parents perhaps relate to the fact that the ball is a common accessory that is used for real hamsters. Whatever the reason, like real hamsters, your hamster will come alive when they climb into this ball and provide hours of rolling fun for the kids.

The third spot is taken by the Zhu Zhu hamster wheel. Again, perhaps the high positioning of this item has something to do with a lot of parents buying it for their children, and when it comes to hamsters, whether that be a real or a pet toy, the traditional hamster exercise wheel is an all round winner. Like the Adventure Ball, the hamster climbs aboard the wheel for a bout of fast paced scurrying exercise and kids literally find it hysterical, particularly with the great ensemble of noises that the hamster makes during their routine.

All three of these Zhu Zhu Pets toy hamster accessories are winners by both parents and children, so if you are stuck on which one to add to your kid’s hamster fun, you can’t go far wrong with any or all of these.

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