In WoW there are a few hunter pets with unique or rare skins which just look plain awesome! Read on to find out which wow hunter pets you ought to be thinking about getting if you want something unique and funky.

Pet 1 – Trachela

This is a two-headed, white bird with black bands on it. It can be found in Terokkar on Carrion Hill and is the only bird with this skin. The good thing about this bird is that it is on a normal re-spawn timer so you wont have to wait an age just to get it to spawn.

Pet 2 – Echeyakee or Sian-Rotam

These are the only two cats in the game which have white lion skins. Echeyakee can be found at level 16 during the quest named after it and can be a pretty cool pet right through to the higher-levels. If you missed out on Echeyakee then Sian-Rotam is a great chance to get the same skin later on, you can find him on Frostsaber Rock in Winterspring (he’s level 60).

Pet 3 – Uhk’loc

This is the only rare gorilla skin in game and comes in the form of a white, level 52 mob. You’ll find him in the back of the cave in Fungal Rock which is in the top right-hand corner on Un’Goro Crater. They’re pretty good looking pets to have and with the white skin it’ll be sure to stand-out.

Pet 4 – Zarakh

This level 19 spider has a unique look to it – spiky, thin black legs with a black and red body create a great overall appearance. If you are interested in taming it then head over to Bloodmyst Isle – the mob is part of a quest thought so you may need to wait for it to re-spawn.

Pet 5 – Ironjaw

This level 63-64 wolf has a unique brown tinge to its fur, it’s quite a subtle effect but is certainly enough to be noticed. You’ll find it near Firewing Point in Terokkar – it isn’t an elite so should be easier than most to tame.

Hopefully you’ve got a few good ideas for pets from this list – just make sure you keep your eyes open and you’re sure to find something great!

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