There are some helpful tips for selling a new litter of kittens or puppies, or some newly hatched birds on your local, or even national free classified ad sites.

Target the Best Prospects

Are you selling hunting dogs? Easter bunnies? Remember to place your ads in the most relevant categories even if that means creating multiple ads for different or even different pets. Look at other ads, if you see an appealing aspect or pattern in an ad, use it to spruce up your own.

Great Headlines

One of the biggest problems in advertising is of course, the competition. What your competition does almost always effects your own business, at least to some extent. Take an idea or two away from your competitions snappy and original headlines and come up with a few of your own. A headline can definitely make or break a classified ad.

Keep the Body Short

Keep your ad short but chock full of information. Describe the type of animal, any distinguishing features you know pet owners look for, and provide a phone number. Half of the work is done if you can get them to call or email an inquiry about a pet. The good part is that most pet owners take their responsibilities seriously, once someone is in the market for a pup, they have already prepared to commit and are likely to do so as soon as possible.

Monitor Your Ads

Need a way to monitor which ads work and which do not? Try using a different email address for different ads, this way when one ad seems to blow the others out of the water you can always go back, check it over to see what made it so winning, and emulate it on future ads.

All of these methods can help you to create effective ads for selling a ready-to-rehome litter of fur babies.

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