On a recent bright and clear California Sunday, we joined throngs of canine aficionados, adoptive dog parents, dog rescue groups, vendors, spectators, and Hollywood celebrities for the 7th Annual Nutts for Mutts event sponsored by New Leash on Life.

As visiting press we made an effort to soak in as many aspects of the days activities as possible. The aim of the event is to provides a meeting a bonding venue for dog lovers in the greater Los Angeles area, while raising funds to support rescue, care and adoption outreach efforts.

New Leash on Life, like thousands dog adoption and pet rescue groups has a singular and overriding goal, that of rescuing and rehabilitating homeless dogs, then finding forever homes for their grateful wards.

The first impression that one is slammed with when first walking through the gates to the even is the incredible sense of positive energy and friendliness that permeates the venue. Visitors, contest participants, vendors, volunteers and the dogs themselves, seemingly instantly bond with everyone in sight, creating an instant sense of community.

And the show is not to be missed! More than 400 dogs competed in over 30 categories such as such as Fastest Eater, Best Kisser, Most Obedient, Fastest Mutt, Mystery Mutt and more .

Every contest, mimicking the fancy AKC show events provided an opportunity for pooches of all sizes and stripes to strut their stuff in the spotlight with their guardian handlers. And Hollywood celebrities, such as Shirley Jones, performing the difficult task of judging the loveable mutts, added a definitive LA quality to the event

OK, so the day was fun and we’ll be back for the next event, but what is it really all about? If your pup wins a contest or you happily chat up the wonderful qualities of your dogs with other spectators, will this make any difference to the thousands of dogs who are homeless or are being killed in dog shelters every day as a matter of course?

We’re here to tell you that it does…in a big way. Raising awareness, raising funds, dog adoptions, meeting volunteers, recruiting new hands to help and enticing bigger media than we will ever be to tell the story on the evening news and wide spread publications all effectively aim in one direction.

As we see it, it is the support of a no-kill policy locally and nationwide when it comes to homeless dogs, promoting spay neuter to help achieve that goal and to place homeless dogs in loving homes who are our natural companions and not disposable trash.

New Leash on Life also engages in other worthwhile activities such as it’s Lend a Paw program, rescuing dogs from dog shelters and training them as therapy dogs for those in need.

They are also developing a training program for all rescued dogs.

So if you are ever in the Los Angeles area when a Nutts for Mutts event is scheduled we wholeheartedly recommend that you make a point of attending. http://www.nlol.org/

If not, then you can still start your own event working with dog adoption and dog rescue groups in your home town, and make a difference in the quest to find an adoptive home for every dog. Through events such as this which promote education, awareness, and spay-neuter we will someday stop the inhumane policies of euthanizing homeless dogs as a matter of policy in most cities across the nation and worldwide.

Dogs 4 Life is Nutts for Mutts…don’t miss the next event !

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