Anyone who owns an exotic pet knows that traditional names like Spot or Fluffy do not seem to fit the bill. So where do you go for good ideas on pet names? Some exotic pet owners start by narrowing it down to the specific type or breed of their exotic pet and go from there. If your exotic pet is from a certain remote region of the world, it would be nice to give them a name to reflect that. Depending on where your pet originated from, there are many areas of the world that can reflect unique and creative names that will help others identify with your pet and know where it came from.

Some exotic pet owners give their pets names that are specific to the natural environment or habitat in which they originally came from. This is especially nice if your exotic pet came from a tropical or other interesting location that most people do not even know about. You can also name your pet after an element that is found in their natural habitat. There are plenty of ideas for exotic pet names if you want to take your time and put thought into it.

Other popular ideas stem from naming your exotic pet after an important historical figure that you admire, or a childhood hero that you have always looked up to. Some also choose favorite vacation spots or pastimes that remind them of happy times in their life. Exotic pets deserve exotic pet names, and really the only limitation to what you can name your pet is the limits of your creativity and imagination.

If you need some help in naming your exotic pet, there are resources online that you can check out, or you can also pick up a book on your type of exotic pet to help get some ideas. The pet store where you purchased your exotic pet from can also have some good ideas to help get you started on the naming of your pet.

Be sure that whatever you choose for the name, you base it on whether the pet is trainable or not. If it is a trainable pet, you want to limit the syllables in the name to only one or two. Anymore than that and the pet can get confused trying to learn commands and have problems telling the difference from their name and other words. If your pet is not a trainable pet, than the options are wide open.

Make sure that you are comfortable with the name you give your pet and feel good about using it for years to come. Some people pick silly names that are funny at first, but when it comes to tell people what the name of their exotic pet is, they tend to get a little embarrassed. Make sure that you put enough thought into the naming of your exotic pet and choose a name that fits them exclusively. Some people find that naming the exotic pet something related to their breed helps other people that are unfamiliar with the pet to identify better with them and know where they come from.

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