If you’re new to making money online,, it’s important to understand a concept called keyword research.

The reason for this is because of how people search for information on sites such as Google and Bing.

What do you do when you’re searching for information? If you’re typical, you type in a short phrase such as “how to fix a toaster,” “NFL scores,” or “best natural supplements.”

The search engine then goes to work and finds articles matching the key word that you have typed into the search box. So, if you type in the phrase “how to fix a toaster,” you should find articles related to fixing toasters.

It is important to understand this concept of how people search for information because this translates into keywords that can make you good money.

The best domain names

The best domain names are those that are absolutely identical to the key word that you have chosen for your niche. For example, if you have chosen the niche “best natural supplements,” your primary keyword should be best natural supplements and your domain name should be bestnaturalsupplements.com, .net, etc.

However, before you leap to this conclusion, it’s good to do some research. A great, free tool for this kind of research is the Google External Keyword Tool. To access it, just type Google external keyword tool into your search engine’s search box.

The big secret

When the External Keyword Tool opens you will see a box where you can type in a search term. In this case, you might type in best natural supplements. However, and here is the big secret, you shouldn’t do this. Instead, note this location and then type “best natural supplements” into your search box.

The search engine, in this case Google, will bring up a list of pages most closely related to your term – “best natural supplements.” You can ignore the first two listings because they are paid listings. In other words, advertisers have paid for to be at the top of the results page.

Look instead at the third or fourth listing and copy its URL. If you did a search on “best natural supplements,” the third listing might be “Best NaturalOrganic Products and Supplements.”

If this is the case, copy the URL, for example – www.bestnatural.comthengo back to the External Keyword Tool and type that URL into the box labeled Website.

Click on Search and Google will show you all of the keywords associated that site. It will also show you how many times each keyword is searched monthly and how much competition there is for it.

As you skim down the list the key words you’ll see that there are some with less competition than others. For example the term “vitamins and minerals supplements” has 1900 monthly searches but less competition than, say, “herbal supplement.” This means that “vitamins and minerals supplements” might be a better keyword for you to build a site around as the term is being searched and there is less competition – meaning that you have a better chance of landing on that coveted Google first page.

This research won’t take much time and costs nothing. But it could pay big dividends by helping you find “money words” or keywords with a big upside and less of a downside.

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