Recently I was browsing through some forums and reading some articles about the popular “make money online” programs. I have heard the good and the bad things about these programs, but what I really do not like is when people refer to these products as scams. First of all I was reading about three popular “make money online” products called, Profit Lance, AdWords Miracle, and most shocking to me Thank You Rich Jerk. All three are solid products where you will gain valuable information on how to make money online. I am not saying there are no scams, but there are also good products.

What most people do not realize is that a scam is when you pay for something and receive nothing in return or something fake like if you purchased a diamond ring only to go get it appraised and find it to be a cubiz zirconia. Then when you try to take the ring back to the store or online store they are nowhere to be found, now that sounds more like a scam. I purchased Profit Lance, received valuable information on how to make money online. I purchased Thank You Rich Jerk and received valuable information on how to make money online. I purchased AdWords Miracle and received valuable information on how to make money online. The only difference between people who call these products scams and those who do not is the people who actually use what they learn in the products and apply that knowledge on the internet.

I spent months trying to figure out how to make money online. I finally got fed up and decided to shell out the money and start buying some make money online products. Sure, some are better than the next, but that doesn’t make them scams. To this day there is information I have learned in every make money online program I have purchased that i still use to create an income online. The people who yell scam when they don’t make money immediately after buying the ebook are simply not trying hard enough. Many people do not understand that working online is just like working a real job. The only difference is that when you are able to make money online you do not have a boss. You have to be the boss and push yourself to make it happen. For months I worked a full time job and then came home at night and worked on my online ventures as much as possible. Yes, it was tiring at times, but I set some goals and made them happen.

Honestly, you cannot expect to buy a make money online product, open it up and have the secret code that will unlock a secret website that allows you to make $500 per day. If someone does find that secret by the way, please let me know. You have to read and apply what you learn. Another comparison I have with internet marketing was taking calculus in college. Internet marketing is much like learning the formulas in calculus. There was no way I was going to read the calculus book and pass the test the next day, I had to work at it and learn the steps to take to arrive at the right answer. That is just what these make money online systems are trying to help people do. Internet marketing is like a class. You have to learn the formula and then apply it on the internet. The answer is that you will make money if you follow the directions.

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