As we’ve heard there is a record in the Guinness Book with a cat that has the longest length ever recorded, and yes, it was a Maine Coon Cat. So that ought to tell you something, Maine Coon Cats grow to be, well, huge. In fact, they can easily out weigh a small dog, easily.

Think about it, a really small dog can max out at around 3 or 4 pounds, whereas there are rumors of Coon Cats growing to a size of 30 or more pounds. There’s even one whopper of a tale about a Coon Cat that weighed in at 35 pounds. Is it true? You never know, it’s certainly very possible. The bottom line is that these cats are big, strong, and muscular-sort of like the power lifters of the cat kingdom.

The average weight of a female is around 9 to 13 pounds, and the average weight of a male is from 13 – 18 pounds. But, as you already know, they can grow much larger. In fact, they tend unfortunately towards obesity, and that is something you’ll have to worry about if you take care of a Maine Coon.

The personality and temperament of these large cats tend towards the mysterious and the gentle, which many will find attractive. But, they are definitely a cat, they will disappear on you and are very independent. Unlike some breeds they are very mellow and gentle though, they do not tend to be overly aggressive, hissing all the time, and biting your fingers. Nope, that’s not how the Coon Cat likes to roll.

People are often curious about how to go about finding Maine Coon Cats. Well, adoption through the local rescue shelter would be great, if they have one of these guys. It’s always worth a phone call to one or two local shelters and bless your soul if you’re willing to do that.

Most folks are looking for kittens to raise from birth. And, that’s fine, either way, you’ll be quite happy with your cat, these are indeed noble and gentle giants.

When looking into breeders there are a few different routes to go, you can search for them online, but be careful not to waste your time or deal with unscrupulous people. One of the best ways that we’ve found is to simply talk with and network with other Maine Coon Cat owners.

Don’t know any? Well, you can certainly find some of these folks online in forums and on blogs, make a post and ask a few questions, you should find what you’re looking for pretty fast.

Maine Coon Cats are a wonderful breed that almost every cat lover will adore, just don’t over feed them because these cats don’t stop growing.

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