Most of us want to appear slim and trim in no time and can do just about anything to lose weight. We also want to make sure that we pull out minimum time from our daily schedules to achieve that result. It is for that exact purpose, that many dieting plans have been introduced to the market.

On any given day, we see a number of advertisements everywhere, be it on television, magazines or the internet that promise you a flat belly in no time. These advertisements show you models that have shapely bodies creating an ideal image in your mind. These slimming plans ask you to follow various fast techniques ranging from dieting to fasting.

Well, fasting is definitely not a new concept. Since the “beginning of time”, it has been associated with weight loss, and even today people believe that it is an effective way to lose some of that extra fat quickly. The main question, however, remains the same. Is it really an effective way to lose weight in the long run? Well, the answer to that question can be very complex. When one doesn’t eat for a period of time, it’s only natural that he or she will lose some weight. This weight loss occurs because our body requires a certain amount of calories, on an average per day, for its day to day activities. When we take in less or even no calories, then the remainder required calories have to be taken from the stored “junk of energy”. However, in that case, our body goes into a survival mode where only the bare minimum amount of energy is used for any given activity, in order to ensure that the stored energy will last for the maximum number of days.

If you look at fasting as a solution to lose weight, then over a short period of time anyone could be successful. Over a larger period of time, however, our body is bound to suffer and several health hazards will creep out of nowhere. So, fasting would not be advised solely for the purpose of losing weight.

On the other hand, fasting could be a good way to clean-up our digestive system. Keep in mind that the weight loss during fasting is just a byproduct of that digestive clean-up which will be replaced with healthy nutrients once you resume a normal diet. This is why dieting should not be the main aim of fasting in any case.

Concluding, we can just repeat the fact that fasting is not considered an ideal solution to lose weight. This is because there are more disadvantages to fasting than its advantages in the long run. There are many diet plans that help in reducing your weight and are considered much better than fasting. One has to do his or her own research and find a plan which also respects your health.

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