Usually people think that to make money online need to invest a lot of money at the beginning. Thanks to the advantages that Internet offers us today, and its technology, you can start an online business with virtually 0 investment.

Follow these steps to earn money with ClickBank:

  • Create a blog

Blogs are currently the easiest way to create a professional looking web site in minutes without advanced knowledge of HTML or web programming, and best of all, free!

I recommend the following services:

– Blogger
– WordPress

It’s so simple and I would say easier than creating a mail account on blogger for example you only need to have a Gmail account and access the services blogger with the same username and password for your email.

Do not expect immediate results. It is important to begin with enthusiasm, you prepare all the foundation of what will be your business, spend time creating your blog, and add relevant content.

It is important that the content of your blog refers to something that you really are passionate about or something you enjoy doing, why?

For one thing, if you have a blog, and write about something you do not like to do, just in less than a blink you get bored and quit writing, but nevertheless if you write about something you love and promote products that you’re interested in, it will be much easier to work with your blog, it will be fun for you and above all very beneficial!

  • Open a free affiliate account in

The next step is subscribing to and do a research for the right product to promote, a product that goes along with the content of your blog. For example if your blog talks about affiliate marketing, it would be great to choose a product in ClickBank that deals with affiliate strategies, affiliate techniques or affiliate training.

Understand the point?

In ClickBank there are hundreds or even thousands of products that you can promote, sorted by category and relevance. It’s a matter of getting used to using ClickBank.

Get ClickBank from this direction and take a look:

Marketplace is where you can find a product to promote, through a keyword. You can enter for example the keyword phrase “Affiliate Marketing” to see if there are products that address this issue. Believe me, there are for sure.

  • Do a review of the product you promote, place banners on your blog.

Once you’ve chosen a ClickBank product, it’s time to go to your blog and do the following:

– Make a review of the product you are promoting, for example. Write a post about your product, describe its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, let people know how good the product is, how it can solve or satisfy visitor’s or reader’s needs, and at the end of post put your affiliate link with a call to action.

After the entry, you could set for example the following paragraph:

To learn more about affiliate marketing training, I invite you to visit the following link: ((YOUR AFFILIATE LINK))

Thus if the person clicks on your affiliate link you will earn a commission if he/she buys the product.

– Place banners on your blog. If the product you are promoting has a members area, you should have access to a number of tools including promotional banners which you can place on your blog and boost your affiliate income.

To succeed with this simple but profitable business model, you need to invest time, let’s face it, is almost certainly you do not need a dime to start, but the process of promoting your blog, making entries, find the right products to promote, could take much time.

But, what do you have to lose? The investment of money is virtually zero, your only investment is your time.

I hope this model can help you as it has helped many before.

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