If President Obama made me his food czar, I would require everyone in the country to purchase a George Foreman grill. Besides making ole George Foreman a billionaire, it would trim inches from your waist and make you the envy of every Weight Watchers client. This fat zapping machine cooks up just about any hunk of meat in mere minutes and serves up some very tasty and healthy food.

The reason I love this machine in the first place is because I’m basically a lazy man. I bought my first Foreman grill just because all the commercials were saying you could cook a weeks worth of chicken in under 10 minutes. “This is great!” I thought, cause I could just throw chicken on the grill and have a whole weeks worth and be done with it. The reason I got fat in the first place was because I was too busy or lazy to cook, so I wound up eating out a few times a day. So I threw that chicken on the grill and after a minute or so, I noticed that this thick liquid was getting on my counter. In all my haste, I forgot to put the fat catcher under the grill!

This is why I think that every person and family needs a Foreman grill, it actually melts the fat off whatever your cooking. So not only can this help a person lose weight, it makes meats you cook for dinner a lot more healthier without all that saturated fat. So my diet became a lot easier to follow because now I could eat more than just chicken breast on my diet, I started grilling hamburgers, pork chops, and other high fat meats. The variety of foods I could make healthy was a godsend.

So to sum it up, the Foreman grill can help you lose weight by cooking your meals in five minutes, getting rid of saturated fats on the meats you eat, and adding more variety to your meals by making taboo stuff like red meat healthier. You have one less excuse now for not starting a healthier lifestyle.

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