Being over weight is not a funny subject, especially for someone that struggles with weight issues. Of course all of the fad diets don’t do any thing and lose weight diets are nothing more or less than scams. I mean, I understand that a lot of people have serious problems with weight and it seems next to impossible to shed those unwanted pounds.

However, the majority of us that find our selves over weight are products of our own gluttony. I am the first one to raise my hand. As a matter of fact I’ll raise them both. Oh wait my shirt just slipped over my belly, let me just raise one hand.

Seriously, though, it took work to gain it. What makes you think that it won’t take a little bit of work to take it off? Now when I say work, I’m not talking about breaking out the thigh master or dusting off the ole ski kabob or even the weights, although maybe later on you may want to.

No, all I am talking about right this moment is taking a step forward in the right direction. It is not enough to think about it. We don’t want to lose weight in dream land we want it to become a reality. If you want to lose weight fast then follow the 5 easy steps and you will be on your way to a healthier, lighter and more energetic you. Just think of it as walking down a flight of steps. Each step is exactly that, a step. Just put one foot in front of the other. A journey around the world starts with one step.

Here Are Your Steps To Healthier You And You Deserve It

1. Believe that you can. I know that sounds simple but really if you don’t believe you can then you wont. On the other hand if you believe that you can, then if you just stick to the 5 easy steps, then you will lose weight and lose it fast.

2. Stop gorging on all of the garbage that you normally stuff your face with. You know the things that aren’t good for you. Don’t try and fool me because it’s not me that needs to lose the weight. You must be honest with yourself and just put your foot down and just do it.

3. Start eating 6 small meals a day. One of our biggest problems is, yes eating the wrong foods, but the other problem is we eat too much when we sit down to eat. In other words eat smaller portions throughout the day and our bodies will burn up all the fat so that nothing is stored in our barns.

4. Eat small portions of almonds and other un-salted nuts. Beans and legumes, spinach and other green vegetables. Fat free or low fat milk, yogurt, cheese. Eat instant oat meal (the kind without all of the sugar added). Eat eggs and lean meats such as Turkey, Canadian bacon. Eat peanut butter, olive oil and whole grain breads and cereals. Raspberries and other berries.

5. Drink low fat 2% milk and water. If you must have a soda, drink diet drinks.

If you will follow these 5 Easy Steps You Will Lose Weight Fast.

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