With economic crises and unstable job markets worldwide, freelance contracting is becoming increasingly popular in today’s society. Freelancers use their skills and talents to earn money. In fact, freelance market is expanding rapidly nowadays. On elance.com, the world famous freelance website, more than 30,000 new jobs post every day. There are full of opportunities to earn money on freelance market. Freelancers earn over $200m dollars every day, do you want to be one of those?

However, so many freelancers nowadays, how can you become outstanding? And if you are not very good at some particular fields, can you become a freelancer and earn some extra money? Yes, try to find some PDF conversion job. This article will provide you some useful tools which can help you qualify for all kinds of PDF conversion task. If you have the easy-to-use and appropriate application, you can also become a successful freelancer.

Choose a good market for new freelancer

One of my favorite freelance website is getafreelancer.com because of the trial service for new freelancer. When you are looking for your first project on getafreelancer.com, choose those projects with the TRIAL icon. These projects can only be bid by freelancers with no feedback record. Obviously, these projects increase the chances for new service providers. Of course, there are some other awesome freelancer markets, such as elance.com, odesk.com and so on. Choose the best for you, start to earn money online.

How to get a freelancer job?

Here is the process of getting a freelancer job at getafreelancer.com. Search for the keyword “PDF conversion” and you will find many projects. The budget of a project will show in the project description. The smallest project can be $30-$250. After reading the job requirement, consider carefully whether you can finish the task. Then you can click BID ON THIS PROJECT. You can use the Project Clarification Board and Private Message Board as necessary to be sure you and the employer both understand exactly what will be provided, when and how much pay you expect. It pays to know as much as possible about an employer before you consider entering into a contract. Remember that there are risks on a freelance contract. Freelancers and employers alike should consider using GetAFreelancer’s Milestone Payment service, for the protection of both parties. When you finish the task well and the job provider will pay for your contribution and give you a feedback, soon you can build a reputation quickly. And get freelance job easier in the future.

How to convert PDF to other format professionally?

Why should I choose PDF conversion job? PDF conversion is one of the hottest projects that you can find on freelance market. There are some reasons. For one thing, PDF is not easy to edit so that many PDF users have the demand to convert PDF to Word or PowerPoint even HTML. For another, PDF format has great security, people can not copy and paste the content to Word document because of the restrictions. There are always someone who has the legal right to get the content but do not want to retype the PDF again. So they will post these kinds of projects to freelance market.

Job providers will send you some PDF files, and then you need to convert them to the formats they want. And they will require that the original text content, images, layouts and even hyperlinks should be retained in the final format. Although there are many PDF converters in the market, you need find the best one. You can try PDF converter, which can convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, HTML format and text. All the format and contents can be preserved perfectly in the generated files. You can drag and drop the PDF files to the PDF converter, click “convert”, just wait a short time, job will be done automatically.

However, if they want to convert scanned PDF, you need an OCR converter. OCR technology can extract text from images. There is an online OCR converter call ocrterminal.com. You can convert 20 pages scanned PDF to Word every month, if you convert more than 20 pages, you need to pay. The output quality is quite good.

Choose the best PDF converter, and then you can earn money from freelance market. Good luck and happy freelancing!

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