Making money online is difficult for some. However, for me, it has become second nature. Sure, I struggled in the beginning. Nearly all newbies struggle with internet marketing. I love making money online. I have not had to work a regular 9 to 5 in 7 years people. Over that time, I’ve had all the freedom I’ve needed. I’ve been able to sleep in, travel whenever and wherever I want. I don’t have a boss looking over my shoulder all day to make sure I am completing my work. Life is good for me.

I want to make it better for you as well. I want to share one of my secrets. Article marketing. Yes, there is tons of cash to be made in article marketing. You must fully understand the concept to be successful. Here I will share a step that I took to earn mad cash online. It is indeed a good feeling.

I started off promoting affiliate programs from clickbank. I picked out 3 programs. I wrote 3 articles about the products. I did not own a website. I didn’t need one. Clickbank provided everything I needed. Anyway, I wrote the three articles. I submitted them to article directories. I submitted them to just about any and every article directory I could find. I probably sent my articles to 50 directories in one day.

These articles produced a little over $1300 in sales in 2 weeks. In my article by-line I also placed my autoresponder link so they could sign up for my free course. With these names, which were just over 700, I gave them a chance to buy another product from me that I happened to buy the resale rights to. I earned another $1100 from these people as well in that initial 3-4 week period. So that’s just a bit over $2300 in sales in 4 weeks work.

I began to get checks every month for doing nothing, simply because other people wanted to promote my articles without me asking them. That’s when this thing really began to take off. I had my name all over search engines. People were publishing my articles to their website.

The best things in life are free. All the traffic I received was free. It cost me nothing to set things up. Every penny earned was nothing but profit. I keep doing the same thing month after month. I am even multiplying my efforts to earn even more money.

This just goes to show you that if you put forth the effort in the beginning and stick with something. It will indeed pay off. Stay focused.

This is just 1 of many topics I discuss in my ebook.

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