Motivating people is not just easy in today’s era. It is a matter of being different and being creative in order to lure the audience to make a session that could be a goose-bumpy situation for many. In fact, Motivational talks are popularly known to be a “Moment of truth” in real life where audience meet with the words that could help them explore their life and the initiator here is the “Motivational Speaker”.

Every country recognizes few ideal individuals as idol speaker because of their freedom of speech, command over language, pitching power and value added humor. For example: Mr. Randy Pausch’s last lecture before death was a lucrative video that was rewarded with praises all over the world with the medium of a online video channel. A motivational speaker like Mr. Barack Obama who is the president of US today was popular even before the results of the election was announced. His speeches were targeted, straight forward, aggressive, stubborn and inspiring that reckoned him to become a President today. Thanks to Online Video channels that helped him spread the word not just nationally but also to the International destinations.

Many Motivational speakers today lack the talent of using the online medium space and thus their popularity limits to their country itself. Speakers who foresee Online space as an opportunity excelled worldwide by luring audience and creating opportunities to explore differently. Here are the ways you use channels like Viameo, YouTube and other podcasting zones to promote your potential across the globe:

Step 1: It is a popular saying “we are the best judge for ourselves”. If you are a speaker and you have had immense speaking opportunities in the past. Look into one episode of your speech where audience moved out in tears, clapped till the glory, gave you a standing ovation and praised all the way. Check if you have got the video version of the episode if not then confirm you have the copy of speech.

Step 2: If you have the video version of the video. You need to log in to YouTube and register their as a user. Once registered you can upload the video that limits up to 15 minutes. Ensure you have a suitable title that is mixed with keywords. Example: Your Name + Motivational Speaker + Country or title it with a topic that could attract many individuals, example: “believe in yourself and achieve success” (This consist of keywords and have got value that could attract people)

Step 3: If you do not have any such video recorded then soon organize a free motivational speech session that could bring you massive number of listeners. Prepare a speech in a way that could make the earth move for the audience. Get recorded your talk, audience reaction and post it on the YouTube with the above methodology.

Step 4: Uploading video doesn’t bring your activity to the end. Your next and crucial step is to promote the video. You know your well wishers better, send them all a link to your YouTube video via email, share it on your twitter, LinkedIn, face book and other social networking accounts, use the video as your email signature and ask colleges and training institute to use your video as free resources.

There are many motivational speakers in India, US, Canada and other places who have successfully implemented the above ideas to become virtual world popular.

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