Are you a hermit? Do you like being alone? Maybe you are becoming more of a hermit and wish you could earn money from the comforts of your cave, or home, without all the office politics and gossip swirling around you. More and more people are finding the life of the hermit, or at least a more independent working environment to be their perfect comfort zone. Whether you are still employed for a big company or venturing out into your own business, the less complicated situation of working with yourself can lower stress levels for many, and make others more productive.

Back in the old days the hermit had to find himself a cave and basically live off the land. He had little earning potential and probably would have a hard time with those sales calls. Today, even if you lived in a cave, as long as you had the right cell phone you could make sales calls and even work on your website to bring business to you. This potential to earn money from wherever your home is makes a lot of people venture into this perspective and build from the ground up on their dreams.

Remember the days when you had to work in a stuffy office separated by mere partitions as your whole existence was a small cube of space with your computer, a phone, and maybe a couple of pictures of loved ones sitting on an unimaginative desk? Now, you have the option to earn money while stretching out at your own personal desk, in your own private work environment, and don’t have to hear the annoying lady next to you talk about her ingrown toenail or about her latest love life issues. You can be your own boss, and earn money from your own personal paradise.

Why would anyone want to earn money while suffering so much when he or she could merely have it all at his or her location of choice? Mostly because they just do not realize how easy it is to set them up with a home-based opportunity. Do your research, and you will find that there are many things that can be done from home, or even more importantly, you can create your own business which will allow you to focus on your skills and continue working from home every day without ever looking back at your cubicle days.

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