The three ways to earn money with your computer that I have highlighted below are what I personally use to make money from home. You may have come across some unsavory methods in the past and be a little leery that there is in fact a legitimate way to profit from home working online, but you can and many other people do by using one or more of the three options below.

1. Write: Sometimes earning money with your computer can be as simple as just writing something informative about a particular topic. If you have a passion or an interest and you think you have something to say about it, chances are there is a company willing to pay you a small commission for sending people their way. You can easily construct some short articles about any given product or topic and within the article link to a product. Often times if someone was interested enough to click your link, they may be interested enough to buy, and if they do you will earn a nice commission.

2. Design: If you don’t like to write, but you have a flare for design, there are many opportunities for freelance web designers on the internet. Sometimes this can mean creating WordPress themes, or designing headers for people; but if you know a bit of code then you can go even farther and set up an entire website for someone and they will pay you quite nicely. With many people working on the internet these days, there is a high demand for help from people who have the skills to do a nice design.

3. Advertise: For those who know how, creating small ads on either Facebook or Google can be a nice way to make a living. In this case you are helping people find the things they are looking for and in the same way as writing an article and including a link, if a person clicks on your ad and makes a purchase, you can make a commission from that as well. Writing is free however and advertising in this way will cost you every time someone clicks your ad so please proceed with caution if you choose this direction.

You can earn money with your computer by using one of the three methods outlined above. Writing articles for yourself or others, designing websites or graphics for websites or even advertising through Facebook or Google are legitimate ways that many people around the world are earning extra cash or even a living online.

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