CD’s are among the most frequently bought and sold items throughout the world these days, but have you ever wondered how those plastic CD cases are made? You can see they are two piece constructions that simply clip together – how does a machine do that?

The answer is it doesn’t – CD cases are put together by people working from home who are paid a fee for completing a set amount! These people do this while watching the TV, while listening to music and during time that they would normally let drift by – but now they make money!

So could you be doing this? Indeed you could, as all you need to do is register with one of the many web sites that advertise for home assembly workers – a quick web search should point you towards some – and wait for the work to come in.

You will be supplied with all the required materials, plus a full set of instructions on how to produce the work, and you will be given a time scale and an agreed fee for the job.

In some cases you may be asked to place the card insert into the CD case, and also the CD, and these pay better than the basic jobs, but in all cases you will be told the manner in which the process should be carried out.

If you have some spare time or if you want to make money while you watch the TV then it could be that making CD cases is a way to make extra money – it’s easy and it’s hardly taxing, yet it pays you money!

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