“De Daltons” is an interesting fare that hails from Holland. Chronicles the life of a family with four boys, ranging in age from the infant Daantje to 10 year old Erik. Most of the focus of the show is seen through the eyes of 6 year old Tim. 8 year old Jelle rounds out the bunch.

Episode 1 “New Neighbors”

The elderly man next door has died, and now his widow is moving. Once the house is empty, the three older brothers decide to explore. As the two older ones explore the house, Tim spends his time imagining how the old man died in the house. Eventually a new family moves in who have a son, Gijs Jan, who is the same age as Tim.

Episode 2 “The Tree house Club”

Erik and Jelle have a tree house club, but won’t allow Tim to play with them. Tim decides to start his own club, a Spy Club, with his new friend Gijs Jan complete with a secret password. Gijs Jan decides the tree house club is better and betrays his friend by giving away the secret password. A good look at friendship, betrayal, and forgiveness.

Episode 3 “Pants”

Being the third child results in Tim never getting any new clothes; only hand-me-downs. He tries a series of stretches to make himself grow faster. When his mother informs him that only time will make him grow, he decides to take matters into his own hands by cutting off the legs of his pants to make his mom think he has grown.

Episode 4 “Swimming Pool”

The family goes swimming at the local swimming pool. In the dressing room, one of Tim’s classmates convinces him to let her see him naked. Jelle is peeking over the divider and is convinced that Tim loves Clara. He makes it his mission to let everyone at the pool know this little piece of information. Now Tim must endure the teasing of everyone.

Episode 5 “A Little Operation”

During a routine school physical examination it is discovered that Jelle has an undescended testicle. He must have an operation which leads to many questions by Tim, including asking his friend, Gijs Jan, how many “balls” he has. He nonchalantly sticks his hand into his pants and calmly replies, “Three.”

Episode 6 “The Tent”

The family decides to go camping, and so they buy a tent. The boys are excited as they get to try out the tent the first night in their back yard. As is typical of boys, the night begins with a bunch of ghost stories. Will Tim be able to survive the night, or will nightmares keep him awake?

Episode 7 “Rosa”

A neighbor lady has had a baby girl, and now Tim has decided that he needs a baby sister. He steals a doll from the girl next door, and even begins to tell the neighbors that his mother has had a baby. Humorous results abound.

Episode 8 “Billy”

Gijs Jan has gotten a pet hamster, and now Tim has decided he needs one too. His mom won’t allow it, but soon after the boys find a stray cat. Through a little trickery, the boys are able to convince their parents to allow them to keep it. It turns out our little heroes have no idea of how to take care of a cat.

Episode 9 “Recorder”

Tim hears a beautiful song being played on a flute. He decides that flute lessons are a necessary part of his near future. His mom buys him a recorder to help him get started. Tim soon decides that all that practice just isn’t worth the time.

Episode 10 “Museum”

Jelle decides to clean out the storage shed and turn it into a museum to display his model airplanes. No one seems to be interested in coming until the boys get together to do a little advertising campaign. Tim accidentally breaks one of the planes and blames it on the neighbor. Jelle seeks revenge on the neighbor then finds out that it was really Tim.

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