Custom pet cremation urns are a meaningful and lasting way to remember your beloved pet. Not only do urns allow you to keep your pet’s remains close to you, but they also provide a creative way to memorialize your pet with a unique design.

Pet Cremation

Just as end-of-life choices for loved ones can be difficult to make in a time of grief, so can these choices be difficult when you lose a pet. Pet cremation can be performed by your veterinarian or at a crematory associated with your vet’s office. It would be helpful to talk to your veterinarian about your options sooner rather than later. It’s not uncommon that they’ll have information you can take home with you to review – just ask at the front desk the next time you’re in for a visit.

Upon cremation, you may scatter the ashes in a meaningful place, bury them in a special location or keep them as a loving reminder in a cremation urn. And as you consider these plans, you can also think about the beautiful and unique ways you can remember your pet, especially in your choice of a pet urn that is personal and reflective of your pet.

Custom Creations

From cat urns to urns for dogs, custom pet urns can be designed to reflect the special bond you had with your furry friend. Artists can create individual designs that reflect what you loved about your pet or perhaps a pet’s quirky characteristics.

Clay can be sculpted to resemble your cat. Or a wooden dog house urn could commemorate your dog’s home. Pet urns can be designed for outdoor display, to hold keepsakes or mementos like a collar, to display a photo, or even to be discrete and understated. An urn can be inscribed with a meaningful saying or your pet’s name.

The options are limited only by your imagination-you can memorialize your pet in a meaningful, creative way with a custom pet urn.

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