So have your kids been nagging you for a new pet? I know just how you feel, my kids were doing the same thing to me. They wanted a pet and would not leave me alone until I caved in and finally got them one. The problem was, I wanted one that was easy to care for and I figured it would teach them responsibility as well.

You see, care of pet turtles can be easy if you know what you are doing. I found this out the hard way. Our first pet turtle did not fair to well and he is not with us any more. It was sad time for my children and myself as well. So I thought I better know what I was doing this time around. I did not want to deal with tragedy of losing another small pet turtle and having to explain what happened to the kids again.

This time I made sure I had the knowledge I needed so the turtles would thrive in their new environment. These small guys need such things as proper food, heating and light. If you don’t do this correctly you will run into the problems that I first had, and we do not want the same thing to happen to you.

Let me ask you this. Do you want to look into your child’s eyes and have to explain what happened to your new pet if he dies? I sure know I don’t want to do that another time. Taking care of pet turtles can be a fun new hobby for the whole family to enjoy. We really love watching our turtles swim and bask in their aquarium, it’s kind of relaxing after a long days work.

I am really glad I got them for the kids, they do make good pets and are easy to care for as long as you get things set up correctly right from the start.

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