Using exercises is the best way to lose weight fast and here are some exercises to help you avoid extreme dieting.

Walking is something many people enjoy, and it helps aide in weight loss. However you can improve its effectiveness by walking on an incline. Using a treadmill is the best option as it allows you the luxury of walking whenever you want to and not having a reason to not walk, or walk on an incline. Raising the treadmill to an incline of fifteen degrees is something that will make a huge difference when walking for at least twenty minutes.

Use a hula hoop for ten minutes a day. Hula hoops that are about 36-42 inches in diameter that are weighted is the way to go. You don’t even need to do all ten minutes at once, break it down to smaller intervals of workout time with the hula hoop. You will see results in your waste and hips very fast.

By using the technique HIIT (high intensity interval training) whenever you perform cardio you’ll see results in a very short amount of town. For instance if you were going to jog, run, use an elliptical trainer or whatever your favourite cardio machine is, alter the intensity with intervals. Start with a relaxed interval and then follow it with a shorter but more intense interval and repeat.

An example would be using a cardio machine at a slow pace for about twenty seconds then following it with a shorter interval at a high intensity for ten seconds. By switching between intensities for those six minutes you’ll see better results than if you jogged steadily for twenty minutes.

If you spent time spinning around in a circle like children you’d see even better results with your weight loss. These are just some techniques you can employ without having to use extreme and harsh diets.

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