Animals are healers

Did you know there’s healing power in a cat’s purr?

I have always maintained that animals are highly intelligent, feeling, reasoning, spiritual beings – and they are natural healers.

They are attuned to our sense of well-being, both physical and mental. When we take the time to learn how they communicate they have the capacity to help us heal…

… and to tell us when they are in pain.

Why do cats purr?

Most people associate a cat’s purr with happiness. And that’s one of the times you’ll hear your sweet kitty purring… when they’re contented and curled up in your lap. Makes you feel happy too, right?

Pet owners should be aware, though, that cats will also purr when they’re feeling anxious, and when they’re sick and in pain.

It can be misleading… and can lead to prolonged suffering for your poor cat if you don’t pay attention to the signal they’re sending you.

Because it’s true that a purr is soothing… when they don’t feel well, they are trying to self-soothe and comfort.

But, this soothing purr goes deeper than a comforting sound – there’s more science to it than you might think.

They’re not purring to soothe themselves as we would listen to calming music…

… because scientists have discovered that all cats around the world purr at a specific healing frequency.

The healing frequency of a cat’s purr

Research has shown that all domestic cats – and most wild cats – purr at the exact same frequencies. Their purrs range between 20 Hertz and 150 Hertz.

Amazingly, these frequencies correspond and conform to optimal conditions our bodies need to heal damaged tissue and bones.

In fact, the medical community took note and created similar frequency emitting devices that help heal broken bones and other types of problems.

That’s because our cells actually change shape and repair themselves more quickly when exposed to these frequencies.

We’ve all seen cats make acrobatic leaps, parkouring around the room… it’s hard to believe they don’t jar their joints or pull a muscle twisting into a pretzel doing it.

When you understand the medical reason why cats purr, it turns out they just might have harmed themselves… and their purring is giving off a frequency that’s helping to heal the torn muscle or sore hips.

In fact, some researchers have concluded this is one of the reasons veterinarians are required to perform fewer major surgeries on cats compared to dogs… cats have a trick up their sleeve, a healing superpower.

Because animals are natural healers, it’s time to consider that, when your cat curls up and purrs on your legs, your chest, or one of your arms, they are trying to share their healing superpower with you.

Animals want to share their healing powers.

My late husband always loved to cuddle with our one cat, TuffyTiger, a sweet natured, big hearted grey tabby.

It was the strangest thing… anytime he’d lay down for a rest, she would be on top of him, in a specific spot, stretched out over his chest, purring at the top of her ability.

She’d snuggle into him and always finally settle herself over his right side… over his liver.

This went on for years. He always felt refreshed after resting with TuffyTiger nestled on him, purring her heart out.

After 18 years together, we separated. Not long after, he started to suffer from pain in his chest and stomach area, and, sadly, later discovered that he had inoperable “bile duct” cancer. In fact, his body was riddled with cancer.

For all those years, our cat TuffyTiger had been sharing her healing power with him through the power of her purr, stopping the pain, improving his health and well-being.

And when he no longer had access to her daily soothing ministrations, the cancer grew at an alarming rate. He died a few months afterward.

Pay attention when a cat works on your body

I’ve learned to pay attention when an animal takes an interest in me, and especially in a specific area of my body… what are they trying to communicate?

So many times the animals I meet tell me that their human seriously underestimates their intelligence and intuition.

Whether you learn to speak with your pets, ask a pet communicator like me to have a conversation with your pet, or simply try to stay attuned to the messages they’re trying to give you, there’s so much to be learned.

Animals are spiritual creatures – a window into your soul and a reflection of your state of being.

Listening and paying attention to your cat’s purr will open up a door to knowledge, understanding, and healing.

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