Acai has literally changed my life. As so many I was struggling with my weight, I went through many diets and tried one supplement after the other. I remember the day when I saw a show about Acai Berry on TV. I got curious.

What they said about Acai Berry on that show sounded very promising: A natural, very fast acting weight loss supplement without side-effects.

I simply went ahead and ordered Acai, I wanted to see whether it could live up to the hype on TV.

When I started taking the acai berry supplement I noticed something right away: There was this very new but incredible good feeling of energy in my whole body.

The Acai literally started to burn fat in my body from the very first day I took it – I could literally feel this. It felt as if my metabolism put itself in another gear and was now running at high-speed. This was a great feeling.

The big surprise came at my daily “weigh-ins”, I almost could not believe it:

The scale told me I lost about one pound per day.

This stuff really worked. Now I can see why people on TV were raving about it. Without any chemicals or side-effects, this little berry really does an awesome job in melting away those pounds. I was hyped and very happy since the results exceeded all my expectations. If someone told me earlier that there is an easy and natural way to lose about one whole pound per day, I would have probably called them crazy and not believed such claims. But here was the proof: My scale, Myself!

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