Almost all of us are looking for a fast, healthy way to lose weight. Of all the ways I’ve seen to do this, only “calorie shifting” allows you to do so in a way that is truly enjoyable… what a concept, right?

The gist of this incredible dietary discovery is that you eat foods you love, in proper combinations, several times per day! The idea behind this fast, healthy way to lose weight is that by following a specific, pleasurable eating pattern for 11 days straight, you can rev up your metabolism to the point where you’re losing approximately 9 pounds within these 11 days!

This is where it gets REALLY exciting! After those 11 days, you simply spend the next 3 days eating whatever the heck you want – completely diet-free! Then, at the end of those 3 “off days,” you simply pick a new set of foods, create your new 11 day eating plan, and lose another 9 pounds… like magic!

I’ve identified the top 3 reasons that anyone in their right mind should adopt “calorie shifting” as his or her preferred healthy, fast way to lose weight. I will share them with you now.

A Fast, Healthy Way To Lose Weight – 3 Reasons to Calorie Shift:

  1. You’ll never go hungry! Remember, this is NOT calorie counting. You use food (not a LACK of food) to stoke your metabolism in such a way that body fat melts off in record time!
  2. You’ll never plateau! Research has shown that when you raise your metabolism by eating several small meals daily, your progress begins to slow down radically at about the 11 day mark. Calorie shifting is such a fast, healthy way to lose weight because you eliminate the plateau effect! When 11 days have passed, you reset your metabolism. Then, you fire it back up for another 11 day period… losing massive amounts of weight very quickly!
  3. You won’t get bored! One reason most diet concepts fail is that they are flat-out boring! You limit calories, fat, carbs, flavor, and variety. No wonder most people can’t stick to the game plan (do you know anyone like that?)… Calorie shifting makes eating fun and enjoyable, and is extremely easy to stick to. The 3 days off after every 11 day fat-melting period also gives you a little something extra to look forward to!

This truly is the perfect diet. Not only is it a fast, healthy way to lose weight and keep it off, but it is also a heck of a lot of fun!

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