As many who have tried already know, losing weight can be a complicated and frustrating goal. And even more frustrating is trying to keep the weight off. With the large number of weight loss solutions, one of the many challenges to losing weight is picking one that is effective, healthy and works for you. But how do you know which program to try?

Here are 6 steps that will help you:

1. Look at the credentials of the people who have written it, both education and experience.

2. It should be based on solid nutritional information, that is based on research and that is well explained – no fad diets!

3. It should teach and emphasize the importance of incorporating the nutritional principles into your life, of making the way of eating a lifestyle.

4. There should be a step by step action plan that is easy to understand and therefore easy to follow.

5. It should be a comprehensive program, with the focus on being healthy.

6. Make sure that it makes it as easy to follow as possible, by providing detailed daily meal plans, shopping lists and recipes.

Many people are willing to forgo nutrition for a period of time if they will lose the weight. This should never be an option. The goal should always be to pick a program that focuses on healthy eating and that creates a permanent change in eating habits. Weight loss should be accomplished at a sensible pace – be a little suspicious if the promises made are too good to be true.

The additional benefit of picking and following the right program to lose weight quickly and safely is the increased health and vitality that you will experience. Decreases in blood sugar levels, lowered cholesterol, increased energy, elimination of digestive discomfort and cleared skin conditions are just a few of the benefits that people can experience through a good nutritional program that results in safe and permanent weight loss.

While these 6 steps will help you choose a good program for you to follow, the real trick to losing weight is following it. But if you have chosen well, you will be encouraged to follow it by how much better you feel!

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